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  • JG, Old Saybrook, CT - September 2016

    I turned to Prism Health Advocates in a critical situation when I needed someone to identify and sort out treatment options.  They had to be effective, affordable, local and immediately available. Within two weeks, we had appointments scheduled with providers who met all these criteria.  Debbie Bain went well beyond the contract with her tireless effort, critical support and even transportation to make sure all these promising arrangements actually happened.  Prism did an amazing job and Debbie made it work!  I will always be grateful and recommend them highly!

  • GS, Warren, CT July 2016

    I was very excited to learn that you and partners are launching a much needed service to help people like me wind our way through healthcare channels. I know very well from my personal experience with you that you have all of the requirements needed to guide people in the right direction. There has been more than one incident when I've faced an injury, a suspicious pain, sudden bleeding on my dog's foot, and many others that required some kind of evaluation of severity and treatment. Instead of rushing to the hospital emergency room or panicking or unable to reach my health care physician, I knew that I could call you and hear a calm, patient, and knowledgeable guidance to the steps I should be taking. Particulary, I remember in gratitude one night when my dog was in stress and I was ready to dash off to the emergency vet, that you wisely told me to give it a little more time and see how he is doing and if he gets worse that you would personally come, no matter what time it was, to help me get him to the hospital. It turned out that he did get better soon after that and the trip was not necessary. There are other stories and you've always met them with practical and sound advice. The public badly needs guidance, In today's world of specialists, we don't always know where to turn initially: do we go to the primary physician, or the orthopedist, or the the opthamologist, or the infectious disease physician, see the doctor first or a surgeon etc or simply take care of the problem at home. It can be quite confusing and wasteful if the initial choice is wrong. Now you'll be helping others and I wish you great success. The Kent community------and all others who call on you -----have a real asset and I'm sure they'll take advantage of it. Knowing that you are there for me and others when needed is very comforting.

  • FD, Kent CT 2016, Author

    It's always been clear in her community that Debbie Bain, outside her hospital positions, makes her long years of experience in healthcare available quietly and informally to her neighors. Hidden behind that observation is how deep, strong, caring and steady that contribution can be. Within the last year I became a direct beneficiary. Late one Sunday night, an especially virulent influenza swept in and proved alarmingly dangerous. My wife called Debbie, who arrived within minutes, and showed us what health care at it's best can be -calm, informed, decisive, knowledgeable. From midnight to four o'clock in the morning, she dealth graciously with the ambulance paramedics and the ER doctors and staff, had their instant respect, and in the confusing mix of symptoms advised tactfully on likely diagnosis (she was 100% accurate). Her steady, professional and thoughtful management of a difficult, life-threatening situation led to an immediate lowering of risk factors that had included swiftly-moving developments as serious as epiglottitis and tachycardia. In a long and busy lifetime I can't recall having seen anybody in crisis management who proved so effective, and with such quiet, positive, warmhearted flair. I am forever in her debt.

  • CWA, NY, NY July, 2016, Delta Pilot

    Debbie Bain's services as a patient advocate were absolutely exceptional! Additionally, I realized that she was not only my advocate in the traditional sense such as patient rights, privacy, confidentiality and informed consent. But also a navigator/interpreter for me within the extremely dynamic, very complex and multi-faceted medical environment of today. I am a 61 yr. old male who until recently was in excellent health, physical shape and never previously hospitalized for medical treatment. I was diagnosed with very aggressive prostate cancer and just finished extensive treatment to include a radical prostatectomy. Debbie Bain was my Patient Advocate. A cancer diagnosis is destabilizing, disorienting and disruptive to the daily family/life cycle. Her impressive attributes and capabilities as a medical professional allowed her to quickly provide effective guidance, direction and short term clarity to a rapidly escalating personal situation. Her significant experience (35 yrs.) in medicine enabled her to understand a comprehensive diagnosis, consider multi-criteria options, then help me navigate through the myriad of available resources and facilities on a national level. Furthermore, Debbie is fluent in the science based language of medicine. This is clearly of great value to the patient especially when the circumstance is time critical. This ability to interpret complex medical issues and narrative directly contributes to an educated, targeted decision process. On a personal note I must say that Debbie is a very warm, sensitive and compassionate individual molded from witness to years of nightly desperate medical situations as an Emergency Room nurse. As for me, so far so good. Unquestionably, I have benefitted from the most advance medical technologies available practiced by the most capable physicians because Debbie Bain was on my team.

  • RB, Kent CT 2016, retired

    As we get older our immune systems often become compromised. I've developed adult onset asthma, triggered by pollen, mold and cat dander among other allergens. This has been a tough year for many such sufferers. Recently, I was struggling with my breathing on a hot humid evening. Debbie, with many years of trauma medicine experience, immediately saw the problem and walked me through the episode. The challenges in modern healthcare are only going to get more complicated and difficult to navigate as lawyers, politician and lobbyists get their sticky fingers in the pie. I think her plan to establish a patient/family advocacy program, Prism Health Advocates, will utilize all of her background experience and will prove to be a necessary and prescient move in helping families deal with the complications of long-term care.

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